Public security organs will focus on tackling the problem in June

Beijing May 27th news reporter Wang Doudou "from the recent public security organs cracked the online dissemination of pornographic information published cases, above these pornographic websites on pornographic films, 90% pictures from abroad, especially Chinese pornographic websites outside." Zhang Xinfeng, Vice Minister of public security, said today.

"to the law and urge Internet service units to implement online pornography and other harmful information discovery, stop transmission, keep record and report to the public security organs to prevent the spread of responsibility, including overseas online pornographic information on the Internet, but also actively promote the use of green Internet software support, help the masses to improve the Internet pornographic information the ability to prevent." Zhang Xinfeng said.

for the territory of some hosting, virtual space and network rental "layers of sublease, management system, information security measures are not implemented, not to hire people registration records, public security organs will be the same communication management department, centralized rectify a number of harmful information problems, safety management responsibility is not implemented, virtual hosting the service unit, to take effective measures for information security management responsibility system, and measures for the implementation of each tenant’s.

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