Pei Tao the network marketing process of the interpretation of a commonplace talk of an old scholar

the origin of mankind with the emergence of marketing. In the first chapter of the "Old Testament" (of course, this is not the beginning, when Eve convinces Adam to see) Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but not the first marketing staff, the title should belong to the eve to persuade Adam to sell the fruit of snake, in the network increasingly popular today, the network marketing has been more and more enterprise network marketing pro, because just passed the time, maybe your orders will come in a throng, maybe you will get a big business, this is the charm of network marketing. However, some people may ask, then how to carry out network marketing, network marketing process is what Pei Tao on this issue with a brief description of how to carry out network marketing.

and network marketing is the most simple, from a long-term marketing activities related composition of the whole activity as follows: site planning – Web Design – – – – – internal optimization of website customer service network promotion – Marketing – marketing initiative

overall marketing recommendations:

traditional sales and Internet (Network Marketing) combined

internal optimization recommendations:

the first point: every day to maintain a certain frequency of updates to ensure the quality of content.

second points: published a large number of articles: technical and interesting to attract more visitors, and to reduce the rate of jump out, retain visitors.

third points: we in the promotion of products, empathy is particularly important, to stand in the customer’s point of view to consider the needs of customers.

fourth: search engine optimization is what we usually say SEO

fifth points: the installation of the site of the third party statistics, a comprehensive tracking site traffic, good data analysis summary.

online customer service recommendations:

first point: to ensure 24 hours customer service.

second points: to improve the professional quality of customer service (product knowledge, sales skills, communication skills)

third: product pricing strategy.

fourth: MSN, QQ, Ali Wangwang, E-MAIL,

mail phone consultation, etc.

network promotion proposal:

first point: in the major search engines do promotion, (Baidu, Google, Sina, YAHOO, etc.).

second: exchange links with major industry portals.

third: online trading platform (Alibaba, HC promotion etc.).

fourth points: E-mail Promotion QQ group, attention skills.

fifth points: Forum promotion.

sixth: if possible, form a coalition with large portals. For example: Sina and Nike, Sohu and Anta, QQ.COM>

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