Website promotion how to find information release platform

do SEOer have perindopril perindopril for more than a year, probably because of staying in the company, some of the problems encountered with respect to their operating hand site heroes is more and more civilians, no technical content is so profound. But these civilians you give the problem is also the site of the SEO work is more difficult problem, the most common is the issue of information collection platform.


without service is a company with the furniture factory, product lot, optional keywords are also very much, so to build a full one hundred website to assign keywords. These one hundred sites are generally in the form of a set of each of the three stations by a business staff responsible for promotion. At that time we do website promotion work is divided into two parts, that is, all SEOer are strongly advocated in the station to update and outside the station to promote the two parts.

station is not what update problem, because the premise is to have everyone to participate in the work of more in-depth understanding of their products, build add some image processing good product good website platform in some of the more professional website construction company, write some product description, I will guide you to import some internal links you can accomplish a good site optimization.

is standing outside the promotion can be difficult for the colleagues to write instructions, it is a professional, but if you find their own platform to release information, we can do nothing, we usually only Internet chat QQ,

how to do?

was also in the perindopril perindopril no experience, so the perindopril perindopril thought of a way, in the Baidu and Google keyword input products, see a platform ranked in the front row is, we have to register and publish information on the platform. In addition to the core keywords and long tail keywords, each business day for two keywords to find ten platforms, one month down collected thousands of promotion platform, the platform of information sharing, then we each person to register an account information released, just two months time, the class of furniture keyword, whether core keywords or long tail keywords, companies have a very good ranking, a lot of information platform rankings than the enterprise website ranking should also. And some of the quality of the platform information link quality is quite good, to enhance the site’s weight and ranking progress has played a very significant role in promoting.

by entering the customer may enter the keyword in the search engine to find information publishing platform and key enterprise website promotion to find the way of information release platform very successful after the selection of perindopril perindopril information summary to help you better release platform.

1, the platform does not require high quality requirements. Some of my friends find a good platform in the input keywords because they see nature of this platform is not the same with their own business and give up the registration, this approach is not desirable, your competitors are registered and released to get good rankings, you also.

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