Analysys 2012 Chinese search market reached 28 billion 790 million

2006-2012 China search engine market size


technology news February 19th afternoon, EnfoDesk enfodesk today released data show that in the year 2012, China search engine operator market size of 28 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 53.6%.


is the main analysis of China Analysys of the search engine Market:

· Internet demographic dividend is gradually reduced, a direct impact on the search engine industry traffic realized

over the past few years, the rapid increase in the size of China’s Internet users, the explosive growth of a large number of Internet companies. According to the CNNIC report shows that since 2011, the growth rate of China’s Internet users gradually slow down.

at the end of December 2012, China’s netizens reached 564 million, the annual total of new users of 50 million 900 thousand people. Internet penetration rate of 42.1%, compared with the end of 2011 to enhance the proportion of 3.8 percentage points, the lowest growth rate of up to 6 years. The impact of demographic dividend on the Internet is becoming increasingly apparent.

· wireless search shunt desktop search traffic, but failed to successfully enhance the

overall, with Internet users multi screen network cross platform environment continues to mature, the length of OCS users relatively fixed, users began the transition from PC to mobile devices, wireless search is the PC search traffic diversion.

However, the current

mobile Internet is still in the primary stage of development business to try, and service mode of wireless marketing is not yet mature, advertisers are not ready to switch to the direction of movement, at the same time, the possibility of the outbreak of large-scale wireless marketing is very small, operators want to profit from the mobile traffic still needs a period of time.

· industry internal flow disputes, objective consumption realized upgrade speed

first, the development of client products, the direct flow of the search engine traffic, resulting in a decline in search engine traffic, reduce the amount of clicks. Secondly, 360 search traffic has not yet realized monetization. The third quarter just to enter the search field of Qihoo 360, with its strong user base and channel drainage ability, has certain influence on the user traffic share.

according to Analysys data show that the last week of August, the Qihoo 360 was once close to 10% share of user traffic. But in the income level, 360 search service has not yet officially started commercialization, failed to promote the growth of the search market size.

finally, in addition to the emergence of the effect of search engine marketing products and display the effectiveness of advertising to enhance the ability to directly affect the advertising budget allocation. If advertisers demand Tencent wide point products such as direct marketing diversion effect. >

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