Real estate investment in the real estate platform to raise public investment in the second round of

Abstract: the investment community news May 3rd, focused on the automotive finance property to raise public investment platform C completed financial dimension ten million preA round of financing, the current round of financing venture capital investment led by Gobi, and rich mountain venture capital with the cast, Alfa served as the exclusive financial advisor Huaxing financial dimension C. It is reported that in July 2015, C dimensional access to new venture capital of millions of dollars Angel round of financing.

dimensional C financial CEO Xue Junlong said that this round of financing funds will be used to enhance the user experience, to further improve the risk control model and the completion of the national business layout, to create the first brand of real estate to raise public domain.

according to the investment community to understand, dimensional C financial to one hundred million people to finance the group, the partnership of the one hundred million to entrepreneurship as the purpose is to focus on the real estate industry to raise public investment platform. Platform in the end of the service provider of second-hand car dealers and other small and micro enterprises, through flexible and convenient financial services to meet their financial needs in the financial side to create a floating income type of financial products. At present, the dimension of C finance has completed the layout of the 15 cities, the monthly turnover exceeded 30 million, the cumulative turnover exceeded one hundred million.

It is reported that

, C dimensional financial core business team is from the Peking University for entrepreneurs, Xue Junlong, Sun Haifeng, Zhang Jun and other three founders are Peking University with a master degree in finance, economics, and previously worked at large banks, brokers, funds, with practical experience in the field of micro credit and asset management.

Gobi venture partner Jiang Tao said: "the 2015 national car ownership reached 170 million vehicles, more than 25 million of new car sales, second-hand car / new car sales ratio is less than 0.25, while the corresponding sales than in developed countries has been more than 2. National second-hand car market will be the size of more than one trillion potential market. Victoria C through the industry’s first real estate congregation to raise the model for the efficient use of second-hand car dealers (day loan), flexible (a loan) financial services. C financial management not only improves the efficiency of the car business, but also to provide a high standard of income for the sale of second-hand car dealers to provide a standardized and secure channels, and truly achieve a win-win situation."

Rushan venture chairman Wang Yong said: "the financial dimension C entrepreneurial team has deep financial knowledge accumulation, with abundant funds, Internet banking and financial experience, through the right to raise public mode innovation to solve the dealers to buy second-hand car such as demand for funds, compared with the traditional financial means, higher efficiency, effectively improve the efficiency of the second-hand car market transactions, and revitalize the idle funds through clear property rights belong to the investor to solve the financial security at the same time, improve the efficiency of social capital."

rich Yue Tao Capital Partners said: "financial innovation has been a huge focus areas of the capital, we hope that the new model of the new technology, investment in the financial sector. Victoria C unique business model, the level of risk control and low-key low-key entrepreneurial team in the domestic Internet financial companies are rare. The three founders graduated from the top universities, and have a wealth of experience in the financial sector, this is me

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