85 after the spoiler P2P small investment institutions don’t do this again

at present, Internet banking has balance treasure, third party payment, all the chips, Ali small loans, internet currency and P2P six models. In the six mode, only the P2P company in the "All flowers bloom together." rather than "thriving" state, which is also an important reason for the explosive growth of the industry. As of the end of 2013, China has been engaged in P2P network lending platform has more than one thousand, can be counted on the P2P network lending platform online business loan balance of nearly $10 billion, more than 50 thousand investors.

now, suction gold has become a hot topic in the industry, Zhou Hao, vice president of Pat loan, chairman of the board of directors of favorable network revealed that the company will have a new round of financing. For the business model of risk control, the four executives surveyed said that their risk control level is no problem. But the absence of regulation, and business models still need to test the market, the industry infinite surface scenery, but if the improper risk control, dragons and fishes jumbled together, the crisis hit at any time.

favorable network chairman appointment:

profitability is not the primary goal of

Although the

since the beginning of last year, industry has a lot of bankruptcy cases, but the P2P net loan industry is still passion.

favorable online line of less than 11 months, has received a round of financing, the second round of financing in the first half of the year "pocket", including the chairman, co-founder of a number of "85 after all". This is another reflection of the passion of the industry.

"dress simple, plain words, logic road." From the speech and deportment enabling network chairman appointment, not after 85". Talking about the company’s development mode, he emphasized the company’s business model in the risk control on the out of the ordinary, "the core of risk control by favorable net and outstanding small loan companies, enabling network does not provide the borrower’s entrance."

talked about development goals, appointment said, from the volume point of view, there is no reason favorable in 2014 dropped out of the top three.

have money, are out of the ordinary business model, we will be able to succeed? For the P2P net loan industry, policy uncertainty, and changes in the financial environment, will give the "after 85" to a great test.

learn to burn

"we are relatively young companies, the team is relatively young. Favorable network platform from the end of February 2013 on-line now, after less than 11 months." As the appointment said, favorable net is a young enterprise. Not only is the time to set up its own platform and the official on-line short. At the same time, the team is also very young, of which three co-founder Liu Yannan, appointment, Wu Yiran are 85".

from the current point of view, the wind will be regarded as a young team of wealth investment funds. According to the reporter, in November 2013, enabling the network to get Softbank China millions of dollars of capital investment, which is the capital for the first time in the Chinese Chinese Softbank investment in the mainland financial sector of the Internet.

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