Local service platform Thumbtack 125 million valuation of 1 billion 300 million

Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 29th afternoon news, the U.S. start-up company Thumbtack has just completed a total of $125 million in financing, valuation of about $1 billion 300 million. The company specializes in marketing and recruitment services for Yoga coaches and electricians.

after this round of financing, the establishment of six years of start-up companies are also among the unicorn, the list of words used to describe the valuation of more than $1 billion Private Held Company. Thumbtack last year’s valuation of about $750 million. Scotland Asset Management Co Baillie Gifford led a new round of financing, the total financing Thumbtack almost doubled, before the tiger global and Google capital, Sequoia Capital and other investors also participated in the round.

"the stage we are currently in need of some permanent capital." Thumbtack co-founder and CEO Ma test · Zappacosta tower (Marco) said. This new financing is a late financing, the company has launched a 5 round of financing.

Baillie Gifford will usually be long-term investment in enterprises, and most of the targets are listed companies. Zappa Kosta said: "venture capital institutions do need to exit at some point, we would like to invite more long-term shareholders, in order to support our development of a large independent enterprise."

market research firm CB Insights recently included in the future may impact the valuation of $1 billion Thumbtack 50 companies. Before the release of Thumbtack financing data, CB Insights announced that the other 3 companies have reached this goal.

Blaine of Sequoia Capital · (Bryan Schreier); she Gabriel said, this pioneering company is focusing on a huge investment opportunities, the reason is to bring more than $1 billion worth of business the company has independent professionals, but the overall size of the market is as high as 500 billion dollars.

Thumbtack connects service providers to customers through the online marketplace. According to the company’s business model, Thumbtack will sell services on behalf of plumbers and other professionals, and then collect interested customers. The plumber pays for these customers and offers them a quote. Once the contact starts, the customer and the professional do not have to continue to use Thumbtack to keep in touch.

Thumbtack platform is about 200 thousand active professionals, up to 2013 more than 10 times. The company did not disclose revenue data, but also did not achieve profitability.

Thumbtack said the company plans to use the latest financing for business owners to build invoices, payments, planning >

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