Ma Yun’s change and constant marketing change should change

Ma Yun in the 2016 Hangzhou · cloud habitat conference, said:

The third technology revolution driven by the Internet

, human can be obtained, because the Internet civilization does not come from another planet, it is the birth of their human civilization achievements, is the development of human science and technology, so as to grasp it, learn it, who can not be eliminated, who is going to contradict the future, who do not grasp the future, who do not change yourself today, who will be eliminated by history.

1, Ma Yun’s "change" and "constant"

Ma Yun at the meeting stressed the need to embrace change, embrace the future.

"not shock you, but the traditional conservative ideas, thoughts, the idea for yesterday hit you, not the impact of the traditional e-commerce business, but you don’t grasp the future impact of your business. "


small sand extracted from the core idea of Ma is: change is the world, is always moving forward, the constant is to embrace the future mentality.

said to embrace the future, as a front-line marketing people, need to think about how to embrace the future of marketing at the moment


it is clear that this is an era of rapid change, the rise of yesterday, the outbreak of things today may disappear without a trace. The impact of the Internet on traditional industries, Internet marketing also impact the marketing of traditional industries.

two, marketing changes

many traditional marketing people suddenly found that, before the good marketing idea began to no matter, consumers no longer buy your account, you do not know where to go to the consumer.

1, the traditional marketing channels, Sambo: cheap, hard wide

low. Price war is one of the traditional brand marketing methods.

channel. Nike, Anta, Lining and other traditional big brands are channels to win in the country all over the place to shop, but after 2012 these sports brands have begun to decline in performance.

hard wide. Over the past 30 years, television is the most trusted media. Melatonin is through typical examples to seize the consumer time and visual success, but now young people will not be forced to watch in front of the TV ads.

The impact of

by the Internet, the traditional marketing Sambo has gradually failed, the traditional marketing is being hit in the face. The new era, the need to adjust their seats, to meet the new changes in the future of marketing.

2, now marketing Sambo: brand, content, emotion

brand. In addition to a brand to meet the basic functional attributes of goods, there are a series of value-added properties, such as service, taste, personality, representative groups, etc.. Low commodity profit space is small, equal to the brand can not provide these value-added attributes. Changes in modern consumer groups, 80/>

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