Connection the nternet will shift from space to time mode


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lead: "connection" magazine online edition published Friday, Yale University computer science professor David · Garrett (David Gelernter) the article said that the Internet is to change from the mode of time based on space model, Twitter message flow and Facebook time line are reflected this trend. This will dramatically change the way search services and people use computing devices.

below is the full text of the article:

people often ask what the next generation of networks will be like. In fact, there will be no next generation network.

the current space based network will gradually be replaced by time based "world flow". This trend has occurred, and from the people’s "life flow" began. As early as in 90s, I and Eric · (Freeman) to make such a prediction, and in 16 years ago, "connection" magazine article expounds this point in (Eric).

the "life stream", from a variety of elements, content search, instant message flow to blog posts, RSS source, Twitter news and other dialogue flow, as well as the Facebook message wall and the time line in the form of. Its structure reflects the transition from the platform to the flow, such a flow is flowing, truly represents the time.

this is similar to the transition from the desktop to the magic diary. This diary will automatically flip, tracking every moment in your life. If you touch this diary, then the page will stop. The diary will be a reference book, a guide to your life complete, searchable. The diary after the page will start again.

today, in the digital world, the structure of this kind of diary is taking the place of space based structures and gaining dominance: all of the information on the Internet will soon become a time-based structure. Space based structures are static, while time-based structures are dynamic and have been flowing, just like time itself.

Internet will become a history.

time-based model will have a huge impact on

so far, the network is still based on space, like a magazine stand. We will use this description to find a magazine on the left side of the second books. Diary is different, it is time based. Time has become a dimension of space, so we will use "Thursday’s diary" and "last spring everything" to describe the contents of the diary.

now, attention to time has become more and more obvious, especially considering that we naturally think of life as a novel, and linked together in time.

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