Sinopec procurement Station official website entire station suspected of being black after opening f

A5 webmaster network ( April 24th afternoon news: according to informed sources, said the official website of Sinopec suspected black, open the back of a gambling site. In this regard, specifically to the Baidu search proved, indeed, open the page to see the picture is really amazing. Then I query the domain name after the Sinopec really believe this fact. Details refer to the following figure:

Sinopec official website

Baidu search Sinopec procurement Station official screenshot

Sinopec procurement official website screenshot

use webmaster tools to query domain name information screenshot


in addition, according to informed sources broke the news: Sinopec supply platform today have several hundred million bid, now the website was hacked, tenders, tender documents, all the tender invitation, bidding and bidding results, these information and operation, will not normal.

below is a brief introduction of Sinopec from Baidu Encyclopedia: Sinopec China Petrochemical Corp. China Petrochemical Corp (hereinafter referred to as Sinopec Group Company or Sinopec, English abbreviation Sinopec Group) is the July 1998 national re establishment in the original Chinese Petrochemical Corporation on the basis of large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise, is solely invested by the state owned company, the state authorized investment institution and the state holding company. Sinopec group registered capital of 182 billion yuan, the general manager of the legal representative, headquartered in Beijing. By the end of 2007, the total share capital of Sinopec shares 86 billion 700 million shares, accounting for Sinopec Group Holdings accounted for 75.84% of foreign shares accounted for 19.35% of the domestic public shares accounted for 4.81%. 2010 Sinopec net profit of 70 billion 700 million. January 21, 2014, Sinopec was China’s corporate social responsibility report white paper (2013), the five star rating, the highest level.

February 19, 2014, the board of directors of the Sinopec by the Sinopec "start sales business restructuring, the introduction of social and private capital to achieve mixed operation of the bill", open to the public funding of the petrochemical business.

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