More than 400 electricity supplier CEO gathered in Shanghai conspiracy to create win road

– 2011 e-commerce industry (Autumn) Summit (ECIS) September 27th grand opening

2011 e-commerce industry autumn summit and the seventh China private enterprise development forum will be held in Shanghai in September 27th. It is understood that the summit organized by the vision of China media group, the Jiading District Municipal People’s Government jointly organized by the Shanghai media and Oriental entrepreneurs. The summit will always uphold the "professional, high-end positioning, the previous prospective strategy", combined with the investigation of Yuan Yue, Zhao Weigang, Jason Jiang, Bailian Group Focus Media Sequoia Capital, Shen Napeng, in just shop, ass mother travel to Hong Qinghua, regulating the family network Deng Huajin, Bu Guangqi Yi Xun network, Mary billion, wheat bags fine Ke Xing, Ye Haifeng Bo Yang Textile Jiang Wuji and other industry experts together to explore the transformation of enterprise electronic commerce Road, won the opportunity for enterprises.

into the international perspective, the new theme to absorb the wisdom of the world

ECIS (e-commerce industry summit) created by Yizhan media effort to strategic cooperation, and through UBM, with more advanced international concepts and vision, committed to build it into the e-commerce industry’s top wind vane type summit, industry leaders to actively participate in the high-end industry exchange platform. The previous summit is supported by Shanghai municipal government and hundreds of media tracking reports, has become the electronic commerce industry opinion highland. ECIS 2011 FALL hotspot with the development of the industry closely, through the different problems in examining the whole eco industrial chain and different types of enterprises, the summit will be the theme for a · win; "". Through the collision of the industry’s top level thinking, as well as from Europe and Japan, the world’s leading interactive marketing and e-commerce experts to share the experience of the development of e-commerce in China to provide constructive ideas and opinions.

2011 is also known as the opening of the first year, Taobao, Baidu, Sina, Tencent, Shanda and other well-known Internet companies competing to launch their own open strategy. In the face of new wave, the electricity supplier industry how to adhere to innovation for the industry on the road of innovation, has become one of the focus of the summit; on the other hand, enterprises engaged in e-commerce how to move forward in the process of reform, to find their own development model in order to win the favor of consumers and investors; the traditional e-commerce enterprises to seize the opportunity, achieve a new leap forward, is also an important part of the theme of the summit.

new issues lead the traditional electricity supplier and two army

e-commerce after nearly two or three years of rapid development, the industry is not only the initial scale, and even shake the dominant position of traditional enterprises. Market share and consumer competition, between the electricity supplier enterprises and traditional enterprises intensified. Therefore, in the face of competition, traditional enterprises also choose to change the new business model. But how to find the light in the unknown, see the wind from the ocean will become one of the main topics of the summit.

summit will focus on how to achieve an open platform for innovation and win-win, traditional >

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