Tencent search advertising alliance will release you see

according to hearsay said: Tencent search advertising alliance related preparatory work has been completed, is expected to be released in the near future advertising products.

Google AdSense from the income of more than 30%, while Baidu Baidu alliance also contributed 16% of the sales figure in the online advertising on pre exhibition fist of the Tencent will not miss this market.

but for Tencent, the Internet advertising is not only an attempt to technology, and the need for innovative ideas, which is the lack of Tencent.

with Google exit China market, search engine technology between SOSO and Google is also coming to an end, although a few years ago SOSO has declared himself in the research and development of search engine technology, but from the current point of view, is still in the use of Google database, from the old bird. Included in the search engine you can see

out ~!

but in China, we really see SOSO slowly change, do not know at what time the launch of the SOSO PPC service https://tg.qq.com/, so that the next launch SOSO advertising alliance, the feasibility is very, very large


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