Daily topic millet stake in the thunder listed on NASDAQ tonight

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 24th news, after a lapse of three years and then the road of the road IPO. In June 13th announced the listing of thunder in time for the June 25th U.S. financial website iposcoop days before the time changed to June 24th. This means that, no accident, thunder will NASDAQ tonight.

thunder was founded in 2003, at the beginning of the creation of the Internet is committed to providing the best multimedia resource data transmission services. With the core technology to download the field, integrated download, online games, games and other products of the thunder platform, has grown into one of the most extensive coverage of China, one of the most user network platform.

thunder 13 this month to provide updated documents show that the company’s initial pricing of IPO per American depositary receipts of $9 to $11, up to raise $92 million 500 thousand. Previously, the thunder was scheduled for July 2011 Nasdaq, plans to raise up to $114 million, the market value of $1 billion. However, due to poor capital markets in the United States, the thunder postponed and in October of that year announced the cancellation of the IPO.

has listed several failures of the thunder, this is obviously more prepared. Millet and Jinshan shares, it is important to rely on the listing. In March this year, after the transaction, Millet’s smart phones, smart TVs and boxes, won the thunder cloud acceleration business license, the future will be fully built in these products. In April this year, Thunder KanKan’s new version of the client is also open with millet router, users can download the video saved to the routing.

prospectus, thunder 2014 first quarter from subscription revenue has accounted for 60.3% of total revenue, online advertising is only 18.3%, other value-added services revenue was 21.4%, compared to the same period last year, the biggest change is the thunder subscription revenues accounted for a substantial rise. Thunder in December 31, 2012, in December 31, 2013, the number of subscribers in the subscription revenue was 4 million 17 thousand, respectively, in March 31, 2014, 5 million 87 thousand, 5 million 170 thousand people, has been a sustained and stable growth.

It is worth noting that the

may be clearing the way for the listing, the thunder and the American Film Institute MPAA recently reached an agreement to launch a complex copyright monitoring system alone can identify users download screenshot of what movies or TV shows, and prevents users from downloading pirated content.

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