Electricity providers face greater difficulties than traditional retail survival or death

God wants to make people perish, they first make mad


hard after the listing below the issue price, the Jingdong mall was traced to a 2011 loss of about 1000000000 yuan, Mcglaughlin Dangdang 2011 the average annual losses, even Mcglaughlin price was approaching $1, almost delisting edge…… Electricity supplier’s current embarrassing situation is not confirmed this point?

said that the electricity supplier perish indeed some alarmist, but it is really crazy two words to describe it just perfect. The past two years, so that the electricity supplier is indeed a number of performance, how can love". Interesting is that this is bogged down in the quagmire, is the electricity supplier to create their own.

a few years ago, reckless capital poured into this field, coupled with the public opinion and the outside of the electricity supplier impact on the traditional retail business enterprise exaggerated, basically very impetuous, and this 2004 and the retail industry is very similar to that of blind expansion, only the pursuit of economies of scale, and forget the essence of business is to make a profit. There are several electricity supplier business scale is bigger and bigger, but the sharp rise in the cost of marketing, promotion costs are several times or even 10 times the growth, the loss is becoming more and more serious, and deep in this cycle can not extricate themselves.

more terrible is the electric business traditional industry price war, which was tantamount to outright. Although the electricity supplier is also trying to learn traditional retailers, hoping to win the market after the size of the right to control the market and commodity pricing, but this can only be unrequited love". Because competitors can quickly copy the practice of peers, or even beyond, and consumers tend to be more attractive when these new entrants to turn into their arms. The consequences of this is that the entire electricity supplier industry can only follow, the profit is very low or even negative, once the loss of capital support, such a model can not maintain normal operation.

therefore, the electricity supplier to the threat posed by traditional retail may not be as large as previously expected – at least so far, they have not found a breakthrough in the profit model. The industry and consumers are seeing more frequent business enterprise self injurious behavior. Of course, it should be emphasized that e-commerce is the future of traditional retail, and the face of subversion is not limited to traditional industries.

, however, with the rising of logistics cost and manpower cost, low profit, low value-added goods such as No. 1 stores such as "daily necessaries" goods as the main business, is likely in the future to be defeated. Fast moving consumer goods will return to traditional channels. Only high profits, high customer price goods based electricity supplier companies have the opportunity to survive and develop. Traditional retailers, especially in the online shop to follow the trend can be temporarily cool.

reason is simple: electricity supplier logistics can never be free, such as the industry reshuffle has been unable to avoid, and soon will be able to see a group of companies die. The biggest pressure in the future is labor costs. Empathy, if we are consumers, when the logistics cost to people put off commodity prices are identical, a point of delivery convenience to pay a large fee, or Select >

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