Network marketing 3 years of actual combat experience sharing talk about the network marketing

do network marketing is the Internet to find customers, find customers on the internet. Now the information age, more and more people use the Internet, greatly reduces the distance between people and people can speak freely on the Internet, can express their views and opinions can be crazy with the game, however, as a salesman, can also find their own customers on the Internet, this is network marketing.

Network marketing

is very simple to say, before the salesman is out everywhere, from door to door to promote, sell, and now has a network, then later the phone is more and more popular, one by one phone to play, go to a customer, this method is very direct, are also quite effective, until now very popular. But the network marketing status now gradually, based on telephone marketing, network marketing is the vast majority of employees and customers love, reason has the following points:

1, the boss likes to use the means of network marketing can reduce costs, and online publishing information can be saved for a long time, to a greater extent for their own business brand publicity. Before the boss needs to recruit more salesman to in charge of each area, costs more, when the phone is in need of marketing, the telephone fee is not a small number, the rest of the telephone can recruit a lot of network marketing business.

2, the salesman do not run around, alleviate the pressure; the salesman need not take the initiative to call to find customers, customers search automatically, thus reducing the circle of foreign customers (non target) aversion degree, nature will not abuse the telephone was the main business, the mood will be better. The salesman may need many, assigned to each region to take charge, every day from morning to night, running the dead beat said, can not find customers, customers find people willing to see you, your people are willing to cooperate with you all these problems, and interlocking, step not, one day in vain, time-consuming and laborious. Now the salesman can stay at home, do in the office, hair post, release the supply, so that customers need to come to the door.

3, customers like. Previously, customers need to purchase some goods, have a lot of business looking to sell, but the clerk said there is no point as if it were raining flowers, credibility, and the price is actually don’t know is how much, depends on the salesman said, this will inevitably be some salesman like wild speculations. Now, when customers need to purchase products, online search at any time, from the classification of products, specifications, price, performance and so on, are described in detail, as well as a variety of product brand comparison, so customers can choose their own love shopping. But also to reduce the harassment of telemarketing.

I do network marketing has been three years, three years, can be said to meet in the network marketing. I basically have to understand, now feel more relaxed, free QQ group chat every day, I added a lot of QQ group now, basically is the exchange of user groups and some network marketing group > Site

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