Adsense circle 07 hot open selection

another year is about to pass, the owners have gone through the magnificent 2007, is full of confidence to meet the 2008.


a year ago, and the webmaster webmaster nets together, grow together, in order to better meet the 2008 webmaster network special planning "the 2007 Annual Top Ten Award", hope that through this activity, more effectively to make a more comprehensive summary and report to the 2007 webmaster. As a webmaster world leading media, we have the spirit of "openness, justice and fairness" activities aim, held the "07 annual Top Ten selection". At the same time, we also hope to get the support and report from the same media and website. More hope that the majority of webmaster, industry and institutions to support and participate.

the selection is mainly the use of the DZ forum comes with the voting function, may make some people feel that the results are not authoritative, but in our view, this is the most authentic voice and vote.

click vote:

webmaster O7, ten alliance named

webmaster O7, ten IDC named

webmaster O7, ten station named

: welcome to give thanks to the website reported,

thank you very much!

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