Do business to be able to afford the trust of customers

some bosses will do business, you can win the trust of customers, if the boss can put their past business skills have been playing down, may be of further development of the store has a great help. And some shopkeepers earn a little money after it is easy to run, resulting in poor management of the store later. In short, we need to do business to be able to afford the trust of customers.

walked into the open in Yuxi city of Yunnan Province, Guangxi Road Xinxin convenience store, it encountered a child rushed in and shouted "Uncle", go in the freezer to take a bottle of yogurt and ran out, the boss shouted: "slowly, don’t fall." I asked, "is that the child of your family?" The boss shook his head and said it was next door to the children of the geological team in the home.

in the area of children playing in the yard, often thirsty, greedy, want to eat, and then come back to upstairs to find their parents for money to buy, or with parents, and parents feel very troublesome, will discuss with him to let the children first took to eat, then charge, till the end of the month to pay the parents. There are five or six parents simply put some money in him, the child to buy things, let him directly deducted from. The boss attaches great importance to the trust of parents, not only on the account has never been wrong, and never sell children should not sell things.

is precisely because of this responsible attitude, will allow customers to the shop owner more and more trust. But it seems the boss, his convenience store is basically the familiar business, service is very important. The old man in the community of goods to buy rice, oil, large supermarkets do not provide additional services, he regarded it as the "small business" of the areas where the sick and elderly customers, he will own door-to-door. Similar to the special services, for his store in the area to win a good reputation, the consolidation of the old customers, business has been booming for more than a decade.

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