How much money to open a health museum

is now the economic income of people is indeed a lot higher, but the pressure is also more and more heavy, under high pressure, a lot of people’s health problems, and health has become a lot of people in the pursuit of. In this context, many people want to open a health museum. So, how much money to open a health museum?

choose to join, the proportion of the cost is relatively small. Some like to join the brand customer service service support, distribution is more like disposable utensils and spa products, health museum, Health Museum of some commonly used instruments, are included in the inside, so that the relative cost is not too high.

next, location and rent Health Museum shop, we are according to the general section and general rent, if we choose the second tier city capital city, like Zhengzhou, Wuhan, the general location of the house more than 50 square meters, a monthly rent is 3000-5000, is also a year more than 50000.

Health Museum general decoration are light decoration decoration, so the decoration words basically in the 8000-20000 million, you need to decorate Health Museum look like like some, also need to spend 1-2 million, basically decoration are also so much.

Health Museum opened, you have to recruit, recruit health division, is certainly the recruitment of skilled health division, so to recruit a two skilled health division in the recruitment of students and some health museum or apprentice, since this allows older employees with new employees.

in so doing, although not a big investment, however, so it is not a few million can venture investment, though, the health industry market potential, but want to do fire business, also need to have a certain economic base. In short, if you can choose to the quality of the health club business opportunities, in the current market demand, is bound to make their own health to get a better career development.

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