How to determine the direction of College Students Entrepreneurship

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just out of college students in the process of looking for work and long run everywhere, can not find suitable for their own good work. Coupled with the current employment situation is grim, many college students have joined the ranks of entrepreneurship. For such a special entrepreneurial groups, entrepreneurship is still a challenge for them. So how do college students determine their own direction?

direction 1: high-tech field

in the forefront of the high tech college students, business in this area has a First come, first served. advantage, but not all students are suitable for business, in the high-tech field in general, deep technical knowledge, outstanding academic achievement of college students have success.

recommended business: software development, web production, network services, mobile phone game development.

two direction:

field intelligence service

recommended business: tutor, tutor intermediary, design studio, translation office etc..

three direction: Franchising field

recommended business: the fast food industry, domestic service, small supermarket campus, digital quick printing station.

four directions:.


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