Focus most of the start up companies fall in Zhengzhou

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, many a person of noble aspirations start their own business plan, not only spend a lot of time, he also spent more money. "Low tide, before we know who is swimming naked." Today, the phrase used in the start-up companies who fit. Capital and the market has been widely sought after start-up companies, after experiencing the cold winter began to cool, death. Even once the star of the company, but also in the "winter" soundless and stirless fall.

Zhengzhou multi-creation space responsible person told the reporter, today’s start-up companies can be divided into three categories: the entrepreneurial success of enterprises less than 2%, the death of enterprises accounted for the vast majority, there is a part for zombie companies".


a large number of start-up companies die

compared with the emergence of entrepreneurship last year, the most obvious feature of this year is the entrepreneurial company experienced a collapse.

reporter visited by a large number of public record space found a phenomenon, the public record space is like a big plate, and the entrepreneur is running the soldiers, for a batch after batch.

crab bank is a community platform for college students to enable students to obtain employment skills in school, after graduation can successfully find a job. Its positioning is to do a connection campus elite talent and outstanding entrepreneurs, the elite of the elite high-end resource docking, equal dialogue platform.

first, the project investment in the town settled in the cloud (when called hey Ma Hui), was great hope, after all, college students employment difficult due to lack of core skills but also the years of pain, the market potential is great, its founder, also in a number of public projects.

however, in the first half of this year, due to funding strand breaks and other reasons, the project declared bankrupt.

also be too numerous to enumerate examples. Last year, Zhongcheng science and technology business incubator incubator has a named "House Commission" of the O2O business project. As the name suggests, this project is to Indoorsman Indoorswoman intimate with, online orders, homes, home delivery.

in order to do a good job in this project, the project team organized a number of investment opportunities, however, has yet to achieve the desired results.

a person in charge of the creation of space to reporters to provide them with a list of more than and 100 incubators, of which more than half of the enterprises have been identified dead.

"there is a part of the enterprise, half-dead, zombie like teeth." The negative recommendation

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