What are the risks of opening imported food stores

Before the

operating a business in our decision, first need to understand the risk of such cause facing, so that it can ensure the investment cooperation so the cause of the risk of smaller, more likely to be successful. So, what are the risks of opening imported food stores? And let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

– high rent

imported food stores are generally required to open shops in the street pavement lively area, store rent is quite high. An imported food store owner to reporters calculations: 15 square meters of his shop, the day rent more than 200 yuan, the daily turnover of 500 yuan in order not to lose money, this does not include taxes, labor and other expenses.

high rent to offset the import of leisure food margins, imported food stores sales slightly bad is difficult to continue.

– product quality assurance

day before, Guangdong entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities before the Japanese imports of Japanese soy sauce, mustard sauce detected in toluene and ethyl acetate, related products have been off the shelf. Earlier have had unauthorized trading company secretly imported Coca-Cola, Pringles on national quality inspection administration blacklist. Quality supervision of imported food problem is difficult to solve for a long time, which also imported food stores to bring the source of distress.

– join risk

"imported food situation analysis report" shows that becoming a successful chain store matrix standard is: its own stores more than ten or more, and achieve the overall profit margin higher than the standard, and the sales revenue of 10% for the bottom line profitability, the visibility of its own stores have been in the height of cognition.

, however, many of the domestic chain of the mother is not in line with the standard, or even without the basis of the shop on the blind expansion of franchise stores in order to earn gold. The success rate of imported food stores is less than 20%, and 80% of the stores are at the edge of loss and even bankruptcy.

open imported food stores, the market demand is relatively strong, the investment is not high, is indeed a viable business. Just in the process of operation, the need to carefully select franchisees. Site visits to the headquarters of the products, equipment and whether there are specific and continuing to join the guide to investigate their own stores and franchise stores operating conditions, then make a decision.


investment has become a good choice for the current market, however, under the current environment, all kinds of risks exist, we have paid more attention to, so that the cause of better operation. So, with the above analysis of the risks, and now if you want to open an imported food store

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