This summer the fire of the small entrepreneurial projects 9800 yuan will be able to do

if you want to ask a professional investment adviser, the summer of Hefei’s most popular, the most popular small entrepreneurial projects? Answer: nine in ten for dessert. From last year, between April and May and September, in the scorching sun, Hefei produced a large and small dozens of dessert shop.

management experience:

catch before summer opening, in one fell swoop do Wang popularity, is the main reason for the success of small chapter all-match dessert of fruit. Moreover, her focus on the hardware technology, the software is also very carefully, the recruitment and training of talkative lively young employees, to update the dynamic music player, pay attention to customers, do Mong VIP ring.

open in the fruit dessert shop all-match Dragon River Road, the whole street is undoubtedly a model of talent shows itself since April this year, the opening of business on the upgrade, a group of bigger, rising turnover, now a monthly income of four thousand or five thousand yuan is very easy.

halfway to sniff out a small business

2011 –2012 two years, due to intense competition, city health and many other reasons, the city of Hefei this small restaurant large-scale withered, until early 2013 from the bottom up again; when a small investment and a thousand things wait to be done, there are certain technical content and suitable for Hefei hot weather natural dessert has become one of the best choice this small entrepreneurs.

2014 during the Spring Festival, a small chapter in Wanda shopping, smelled the smell of incense, she follow to find a small sweet dessert, after consultation that is a Taiwan brand in the outlets in Hefei. A small chapter found that there are two special features: one is the shop "pocket" business line, only 30 square meters of shops, only do business or are eating dessert, or take out a small business, to two; there is different from the finished product already on the market spread, the small shop the desserts are completed by the artificial production in front of customers. After tasting the taste buds of five or six kinds of products, developed a small chapter that products are, good taste, the mode of operation of promising, so I decided to open a similar shop.

According to the

"talkative" standard Recruitment Clerk


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