Chen Jizhang’s business

business is not good to do, store sales of goods can not go on, which is currently a lot of shops encountered a business problem. However, this is not to say that any shop is the case, are not operating well. Chen Jizhang by virtue of the store sales, to prove to the people, even in the economic situation is not good at the moment, the same can not worry about business.

Chen Jizhang shop opened in the fall of Qiucun Tau Village, as business is only a short while ago, the order quantity is less, the brand cultivation is difficult, and the Lane shop business today. In November 1st, I came to find out.

adjust layout to improve environment

2011 years, Chen Jizhang built a kitchen in the shop floor two, to the south of the kitchen in a layer of two stores based on the scope of the expansion, a new store decoration, installation of air conditioning equipment, forming a pattern of supermarket convenience stores. The store of goods a superb collection of beautiful things to meet a lot of customers Goods are available in all varieties., possible period of want or need.


in the display of cigarette smoke, Chen Jizhang reference cabinet layout furnishings in the city of Fenghua, combined with customer manager and reasonable layout of high grade cigarettes, so that customers at a glance. As a result, attracting many customers, and many of the immigrant population, Chen Jizhang bustling shops.

services to expand contacts

during the day, as a lot of people in the village to go to work, Chen will let his wife a person to do the store, he opened a three wheeled car carrying some of the goods to the farm near the village, the site, the factory door selling. Chen Jizhang found that some of the food and beverage such as a very popular, often enough to go back to the store to sell a car. So, he decided to door-to-door approach, the initiative to contact customers, thus developing more new customers. He insisted that the principle does not earn a penny, but do not sell expired food, sometimes sold outside the store to sell more than the store.


is just a small shop, and the location is not good, but this is nothing to stop the operation of the store. If you are also a shop owner, you are worried about the business of the store, then, with Chen Jizhang’s business, and now you know how to operate the store?

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