How to do a good job in the restaurant business holiday

holiday economy is now in the major industries are the best time to make money, Chinese good lively personality let the holidays become a major business in the promotion of good time. For the food and beverage industry, the holiday business is to seize the opportunity entrepreneurs! It is a good example of the tourism industry in terms of holiday consumption! Food and beverage industry is also the same reason! With the improvement of people’s living standard. Choose a restaurant is common, especially in the country to celebrate holidays, family reunion time!

20 fashion catering joined and became a century before 80s, rice flour, meat is the most common people in holidays. But with the development of economy, people keep on pursuing new and unique ways. More and more new content has been added to the holiday food and Beverage activities. People are calling for the safety and health food, and a new concept of healthy consumption comes into being. Today’s holiday consumers pay more attention to and yearning for nutrition, health, convenience, affordable, healthy food. Wuhan Xiaolan stores in the Spring Festival dinner varieties reduced the proportion of poultry meat. Launched the "Dragon King mushroom" series of wild mushroom cuisine and has nourishing function of abalone, shark fin, ginseng, belly dishes collocation, welcome by customers. Therefore, hotels, restaurants must be based on people’s new dietary needs, to develop new food space.

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