Hunan ndustry Polytechnic more than 30% students embark on Entrepreneurship

as the country for college students to encourage entrepreneurship policy is more and more, so that a large number of college students are successfully embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Each college entrepreneurial atmosphere is different, the number of entrepreneurs will naturally not the same, while the Hunan Industry Polytechnic has more than 30% students embark on entrepreneurship.

recently, good news came from Hunan Industry Polytechnic, the school of Mechanical Engineering College of Zhang Jiangjie’s "a sign language" a language conversion system with automatic alarm function "clothing" in a decentralized waste heat source for energy distributed generation single source "won the 114th Paris International Invention Exhibition Gold, silver and bronze.

it is reported that in the past 3 years, the college students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship competition more than 3000 people, of which more than 1000 people won awards at home and abroad, entrepreneurship training more than 1.5 people, leading students to start more than 6000 people. More than 30% graduates choose to start their own business when the boss.

Liu Jianxiang

Dean of the Institute, college auditorium, through entrepreneurship entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship salon, entrepreneurial project selection and hiring business mentor and outstanding alumni to have the entrepreneurial intention of students training and one-on-one counseling and other ways to stimulate the students’ enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

at the same time actively promote the construction of innovative entrepreneurial society, the community each year to carry out activities of more than 100 times, more than 6000 students participated in the. According to incomplete statistics, the college students, who have participated in the proportion of entrepreneurship in more than 35%, individual professional up to 50%. There are more than 60% students entrepreneurial intentions.

with the college is higher for students attach more and more college students, there will be more smooth and become a member of entrepreneurs, to alleviate the employment pressure of students of this school, let more students in the campus can also have a leave after their own career.

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