Jiangsu 2016 listed companies to add new strength of 44

in the process of economic development, a good enterprise in the strength to reach a certain stage, will actively choose the way of listing, for their own more money, in order to continuously enhance their own strength. 15 afternoon, the situation of Listed Companies in Jiangsu news briefing held in the provincial finance office. Provincial Finance Office of the capital market director Huan Heng introduction, this year (as of December 15th), the province’s 44 new listed companies, the amount of financing of $26 billion 741 million. Among them, the territory of the new 36, ranked second in the country, accounting for the same period of IPO 17.8%; in the first financing amount of 22 billion 974 million yuan for the first time, ranked first in the country, accounting for about 16.9% of the first financing.

reporter learned that in recent years, Jiangsu vigorously promote the construction of multi-level capital market, and constantly enhance the ability to serve the real economy. In order to promote the development of quality enterprises, restructuring and listing and direct financing, has achieved good results.

Su IPO highlights the rise of the banking sector

Yuanheng revealed that this year’s Jiangsu new domestic listed companies have listed 22 motherboard, 5 small plates listed, 9 GEM listed, raising the average amount of about 640 million yuan; the industry wide distribution, involving the financial industry (5), construction (1), manufacturing (26) culture, sports and entertainment industry (1), wholesale and retail trade (1), scientific research and technical services (1), information transmission, software and information technology services (1). Reporters combed found that there are four main features:

banking sector rise. A total of 8 listed banks nationwide this year, our province accounted for 5, respectively, the Bank of Jiangsu, Jiangyin agricultural firms, Wuxi agricultural firms, Changshu agricultural firms, Wujiang agricultural firms, the Bank of Jiangsu is the province of the second listed banks, is nearly ten years since the first listed city commercial banks, fund-raising total of 7 billion 238 million yuan, ranking second in the country this year in a single IPO.

manufacturing enterprises accounted for 70%. This year a total of 26 manufacturing companies listed in China, accounting for the proportion of Listed Companies in the province this year over 70%, accounting for the same period the total number of manufacturing IPO of the country’s total of 20.5%. More than half of the enterprises are advanced manufacturing enterprises, which play an important role in promoting the economic development of our province. Among them, Hasen shares is the first Taiwanese companies listed on the Shanghai Stock exchange.

multi industry to achieve a new breakthrough in the listing. This year, the province’s cultural and sports entertainment industry and the wholesale and retail industry are listed companies, respectively, the well-being of blue ocean and psychic jewelry, to achieve a breakthrough in the industry over the past 5 years, the listing of zero growth. Which is the first blue ocean blue gem listed state-owned holding the whole industry chain operating companies.