Benefits Fujian Expressway min card 29 provinces can be universal

with the increasing number of cars in the holidays, a lot of cars on the highway, a long queue! In response to such a social phenomenon, in order to provide more convenience for the masses of Fujian, the introduction of the highway Fujian card.

according to reports, the Fujian province highway electronic toll collection system (ETC) network system for the country’s first national standard construction, with the main min card, electronic toll collection, electronic tags to achieve. As long as the installation of vehicles through the card, driving in the electronic toll lanes, you can automatically pay the vehicle tolls. Currently, there are 46 high-speed toll stations in Quanzhou, each toll station has a one into a two ETC channel. At the end of June, Quanzhou area ETC customers reached 200 thousand units.

according to statistics, ETC system and ordinary manual toll system compared to the maximum capacity can be increased by 6 times. The use of Fujian card, high-speed toll can also enjoy 5% off discount.

it is reported that the current pass through the card has been increased to 29 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions), in addition to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Tibet, there is no networking, Hainan did not receive high-speed tolls, the rest of the province can pass.


how to handle

min card

min card service window in the administrative service center district on the eastern side of a layer. Currently opened two windows for the public to handle all ETC related businesses. The public for Fujian card (debit card) need to carry an ID card, driving license and related cooperative bank credit card; for Fujian card (cards) only need ID card and driving license. A set of Fujian cards and electronic labels up to 5 minutes after finishing the formalities, after completing the site for people to install electronic tags in the car, the whole 10 minutes can be completed.

living standards continue to improve, in the life we go out more and more, driving a car shuttle is common in every city! In the highway, Fujian Expressway Fujian card 29 provinces can be universal, for the majority of the people to provide a great convenience.

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