What needs to pay attention to the opening of the new home store

now society, there are many people all know the whole Home Furnishing market and industry outlook is relatively good, so there are a lot of people started to invest Home Furnishing market, Home Furnishing open shop, you know, in the Home Furnishing store opened on the same day, the need to pay attention to what?

An important goal is to establish

can be used for internal assessment in the shop, "best sales award", "the most popular Award", "best smile Award", "best service award", then, for the selection and award immediately at the opening after the event. Pay attention to the implementation, not a mere formality. And before the opening of the staff to understand and be encouraged to stimulate morale. Pay attention to the store shopping atmosphere.

is a attractive way for opening the shop to accumulate more some popularity in the business process early, so now I want to open a Home Furnishing store managers must do a good job in the opening day.

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