Beauty pig raising wealth good life

in the eyes of most people, such a thing never pig and a beauty together, but this small series this is a beauty to pig, and make a real example of "rich", let countless people envy.

Li Jihong filed in Da Wo Zhen, Gao county, eight in neighbors know this capable girl.

1999 years, after graduating from high school in Li Jihong, to his father wanted to engage in large-scale breeding. After repeated investigation and study, the father and daughter decided to build pond fish. Three months later, the investment of $forty thousand or fifty thousand ponds built. After careful care of Li Jihong, six months in the past, the fish has grown to two or three pounds.

"zaikuzailei I can endure, the most annoying is no business." The new store opening soon, because Li Jihong unfamiliar, and gradually into the summer season, the laundry business is very poor. She found them in the hot days are refurbished after the leather love wash away, and some laundry will not wash leather.

so she bought books on leather wash, consult to leather garment factory, mastered a set of technology. She took the initiative to contact with other laundry, wash them with small leather, she finally with sincerity touched many shopkeepers, through the off-season. In order to expand the business, Li Jihong decided to contact the company, hotel tooling. In the absence of any background, in the face of "cold-shoulder treatment", mocking words, Li Jihong did not flinch.

scorpion beauty home business support

2004, Li Jihong gave up

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