How to join the pie

As one of the most popular snack products,

pie is one of the most popular snack products in china. Which is the Di Di pie is a good brand to join, then Di Di pie join the need to have what conditions? What are his strengths?

is Di Di pie join condition:

1, at least 18 years of age, who will venture to Chinese legal citizens.

2, accept "Di Di pie" business philosophy, management model, comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state.

3, with the market strain and competitiveness, can consciously safeguard the "Di Di pie" brand image.

4, hold a valid identity document.

5, with more than 30 thousand yuan of financial strength.

is the Di Di pie to join the advantage:

brand advantage: Di Di always adhere to a single brand strategy, five years to make the pie is solid and solid market, access to a large number of franchisees good reputation. In 2014, a lot of cake and launched Q lemon Xinyu three brands. For the franchisee to set off a new round of fundraising frenzy, for new investors to provide more and more professional choice.

product advantages: there are a total of four pies Di Di Di, the top twelve series, while providing a unified national material support to ensure the unity of taste, such as the formation of KFC, McDonald’s standardized taste.

training advantage: the company headquarters for the full range of products in addition to training, technical training, zhengdi pie franchisee will also receive management, service concept, store management, sales techniques, system of professional training, the company will be successful experience without reservation to teach you.

The advantage of

Management: strict supervision and management, ensure service level: stores, opened in the pre opening, after the opening of the company will be regional franchisee for regular guidance in terms of price, product quality, service level, environmental health and other aspects, that is di franchisee no menace from the rear.

VI advantages: unified store image, unified publicity, uniform work clothes. To the customer is di pie strong visual impact, such as a store.

promotional advantages: the company in the major media, the site invested a large amount of advertising every year, is a big pie pie can rely on the headquarters of a strong publicity, enjoy it to bring a steady stream of tourists and financial resources.

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