What are the basic health care reform measures in Fujian


now good benefits, the elderly in the future to a certain age, every month can enjoy the benefits, but the difficulty is always a difficult problem, for deepening the grass-roots reform this phenomenon in Fujian province and big moves. Recently, our province issued "on the further deepening of the comprehensive primary medical and health system reform (Trial)", including "on strengthening integrated management of rural health services implementation plan" and "on chronic diseases in the city to carry out family doctor service pilot program" two accessories. Yesterday, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government Lai Bitao, deputy director of the Provincial Health Planning Commission, the Provincial Health Planning Commission, director of the Ministry of health at the grassroots level of the above interpretation of the policy of Lai Yigang on the.

drug centralized bidding

"opinions" put forward the reform of the basic medical insurance, price and basic drug policy. In terms of price, cancel the basic medical and health institutions (excluding village clinics) general fee policy, the establishment of diagnosis and examination fees, fees injection, simultaneous implementation of Medicare reimbursement policies.

in terms of health insurance, opened the grassroots level and different levels of hospitals or counties and counties outside the hospital reimbursement gap. Actively encourage the promotion of the use of essential drugs in primary general outpatient deductible, cancel the referral in medical treatment combined with in vivo to cancel the two pay line etc..

in the future requirements of the reform of primary health care institutions and drug procurement all of the implementation of public hospital drug bidding policy, the implementation of online purchasing, to ensure the convergence of basic medical and health institutions and public hospital drugs.

to carry out chronic diseases family doctor signed

at the same time, our province will be in the city to carry out chronic diseases family physician pilot community health service center from the city to start a family doctor team, by signing the service agreement form, is within the jurisdiction of the resident, after more than two medical and health institutions provide a clear diagnosis in patients with type 2 diabetes care hypertension, contracted services.

2017 each district and city to choose 1 municipal areas to carry out chronic disease family doctor signing service pilot, which Fuzhou city to do all the city wide coverage. By 2020, the basic realization of family doctors contracted service coverage.

includes outpatient services, priority booking and treatment services; referral service, hospital expert outpatient appointments, examination appointment and disease need priority referral, inpatient service according to the priority; door-to-door service, the family doctor evaluation after 80 years of age or older and disability, semi disabled elderly can enjoy free every the 1 quarter at home services etc.. The reform of the contracted residents can enjoy preferential treatment, mainly on the tilt of Medicare policy. Including improving the community health service center outpatient health care recommended

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