Yu Quangen turned to sell meat from farmers create millions of annual income

if you have a vegetable shed in the case, let you grow. So, you are all kinds of vegetables are closely related with people’s choice of life, or in the current market is very popular succulents? In this paper, the protagonist Yu Quangen made his own choice, but also created a low profit.

into the greenhouse, Yu Quangen is finishing a layer of plastic film on the ground. When the winter need to add a layer of membrane heating, to resist the cold." He pointed to the soil in the tens of thousands of trees succulents said, "meat is not afraid of low temperature, but the frost, cold, cold air can easily penetrate in at least one meter distance, and the film is a must."

introduces the maintenance of fleshy closely reasoned and well argued Yu Quangen, also with the parents planted two years ago in Vegetable & Fruit business. "Later introduced by a friend to start the transformation of kinds of meat. In fact for not many know fleshy, but because of the same kind of plants, for their characteristics of familiar, anti disease what are still the basic knowledge, plus the original greenhouse can be used, it’s easier to transition."

Yu Quangen was born in

90, told reporters that he had to personally operate in the field every day, and sometimes even have to eat a meal. Some fine work to the workers do not rest assured." Although busy, but compared to tomato, apparently easy to many kinds of meat.

tomato species will encounter bottlenecks in the back, the amount is not up. Fleshy plant belonging to the light busy work is not small but not what heavy manual labor, but also can be used as a hobby. Every day looking at these fleshy, a lot of good mood." Of course, there is an important reason is that relatively high profit margins.

Shanghai Flower Association cactus succulents Specialized Committee President Huang Hongqing said, a nursery can acres of nearly 80 thousand strains of succulents, and a year from the output of the profits, up to 100 thousand yuan or more. This calculation, by planting more than 10 acres of meat business, "90 entrepreneurs income of up to millions of dollars.

Yu Quangen told reporters that the beginning of the transition, he also had a headache for the sales channels. "At first there was no resources. Later, relying on a friend’s introduction, the exchange of the network, slowly with some stable customers."

market can continue to develop. Now on the market all kinds of varieties is not big, the species is close, how to match different plants, do some innovation is also very necessary." The reporter saw in its opening in Tmall’s flagship store in Tian Gong, a combination of potted succulents monthly sales exceeded one million.

although there are a lot of people are very love meat, however, it can create such a high profit income, recommended

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