Wuhan city will implement the 2 year flood action focus on two

heavy rain this year, not only to make the city of Wuhan suffered heavy losses, but also to the relevant departments of Wuhan recognize the lack of drainage capacity. Therefore, the relevant departments decided to carry out flood control operations. Yesterday from the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, this year flood disasters caused direct economic losses of 1 billion 874 million yuan in Wuhan city infrastructure, the city in addition to repair the damaged facilities, will also be synchronized to start a series of flood control operations, system, enhance the city flood control and drainage capacity.

Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that the current round of flood disaster, reflecting the construction of Wuhan city drainage system lags behind the regional economic and social development needs. The city’s major water conservancy project will start planning regional flood control, drainage, water resources and water comprehensive renovation and a series of "long tube, fill short board, river, lake, city system to improve the drainage capacity of canal system and regulating functions, construction period of 2 years.

according to the introduction, this round of flood action will focus on "two".

is to enhance the capacity of flood control, the construction of the Huangpi Tianhe Airport – Panlong city flood control system for water, Xinzhou – Xinzhou Donghe flood protection system, Dujiatai Flood Control Engineering; hierarchical construction and management of the public lake dam, promote the retreating process.

two is to increase the drainage capacity, increase the city drainage engineering construction, improve the city center shaft drainage system, the new pumping capacity of 1325 cubic meters / second, the expansion of stem tube, canal 246 kilometers; the implementation of the lake, drainage system, pumping station, sluice comprehensive renovation, enhance the overall Tangxun Lake, tong Lake Lake, the lake – Lu, Wu lake, Lake Zhangdu Lake and other important lakes and water drainage capacity.

this year, the damaged infrastructure in Wuhan, including water embankment, urban water supply and drainage, road transport, township schools, hospitals and other different types of. Currently, the city has established a disaster recovery and reconstruction needs of the project library, warehousing project 233. An early start of 181, and relates to security, irrigation and drainage, pat Luqiao Paul Chang most urgent restoration project, including water conservancy infrastructure projects 114, involving the dikes, drainage system, station and reservoir of drinking water in rural areas; 30, involving the rural water supply network, water and other road bridge; 37, to the rural highway bridge, county road, village road etc..

There is no doubt that the

in Wuhan this year is to let the world shocked waterproof ability, and believe that there is a lesson this year, two years after the Wuhan waterproof ability will be greatly enhanced, again meets the flood not like this year completely let the property of the state at a loss what to do, a serious loss, make people’s property damage.

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