The market trend of home textile industry in 2014

with the improvement of the quality of life, people’s demand for home textiles is getting higher and higher, as the people’s quality of life of the most solid protection, the market hot. The following small series will bring you to analyze the market of home textile industry, we hope to help the entrepreneurial process.

Market Review

tracking data

macro data: in 2014 March the national consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index (PPI) data show that CPI rose 2.4%; PPI fell 2.3%. Clothing class CPI rose 2.3%, clothing class PPI rose by 0.8%.

the main news bulletin;

1) development and Reform Commission issued the 2014 cotton target price, 2) 2013 textile industry overall growth slowed to 3) benefit the textile industry 5 new trend 4) Keno technology [0.89%  Fund Research Report]: 2014 yejiyuzeng notice 5) blue Ding Holdings: 2014 first quarter results notice 6) Saturday [-0.50%    research funds; report]: 2013 annual bulletin 7) jinfeida [2.58% funding research report]:  

2014 first quarter results notice


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