The diversionary trick to get rich


, we have heard the word, know what it means, is the art of war, in common, often the word, as the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, the method commonly used in business field whether soldiers can use? May wish to understand.

diversion is East West, which is made from illusion, luring the enemy to make the wrong decision, and then took the opportunity to wipe out. Three, Zhu Geliang spent the war time and manpower, material and financial resources and a large number of battle, Meng Huo Zhi, only one purpose, to make it good. Because want to pacify the southwest, must first be so desire so must first longitudinal so only repeated longitudinal Menghuo, he will be convinced. Here, in order to capture the longitudinal, is to take, this is the dialectics.

in seventh, Zhu Geliang lost fifteen to win the final array to him for a while. Defeat fifteen array is not really defeated, and win him a burst of it is decided who will win the final key. The art of war is also called "Jiaobingzhiji" and "most plan". As an indirect way to retreat, straight, Shun: hostility, such military battles at all times and in all countries, Zhang Xuekui believes the lecturer, to borrow in the market, but also gain a complete victory.

"diversion, to take first" is a great strategy in the management of. Not only business, is tantamount to robbery for fraud, is the stupid approach to fish. In ancient times, our ancestors have said that "the loss is a blessing", or "suffer is to take advantage of cheap", is rich in cultural connotations. Zhang Xuekui lecturer believes that sometimes, the loss of eating is obvious, superficial, but the cheap is invisible, long-term. Merchants to eat the immediate loss, but you can earn more profits, the following cases for your reference:

As everyone knows the

Mobil Corp under the banner of "money" banner to oil pad, free service for consumers, on the surface, in the eyes of consumers, this is the "lantern could not find a thing, not only can enjoy the cheap" kerosene "convenient to use at the same time, but also for their own free use of a platform. That is cost-effective and convenient, there is a profit for himself, Why not?? Mobil Corp therefore compensate for the loss of about 800000 oil lamps, but Mobil Corp’s business really lost it? The result is what we all see, that is, not only did not lose the profits. Mobil Corp to "oil lamp" as bait, so that consumers hooked, consumers >

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