What conditions need to meet the needs of AKE Burger

if you want to do catering business, but do not know what brand is good, Xiao Bian here is how odd you recommend you see Aike hamburg. Aike odd hamburger not only welcomed by consumers, but also by many relevant units of recognition, has been in the country has more than and 300 chain stores, a good brand is very worthy of joining. So what is the condition of odd Aike Hamburg to join


investment AIKE odd burger needs to meet what conditions

AIKE burger franchise conditions:

1, the franchisee must agree with the concept of brand identity, all brands, and receive a full set of operating together Aike odd Hamburg model;

2, the franchisee must meet certain qualifications, must be industrious, hard-working, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, coordination ability and business management, the ability to have the ambition to grow Aike odd burger undertakings;

3, as the brand franchisees must obey the arrangement of headquarters, headquarters of the Hamburg Aike odd obey management, and have a good business reputation;

4, join Aike odd business premises owned Hamburg, the business area of 5 square meters;

5, money is very important, adequate funding is the undertaking necessary, at the same time, there are full of enthusiasm for the cause of

Aike odd burger!

Aike odd burger in order to meet the growing market demand, the construction headquarters continue to strengthen brand image promotion, product innovation, national franchise network, create a set of their own, and the local characteristics of the business model. And is willing to share with more successful business model. The maturity of the business based on their own, because some consumers and investors about the brand long-term concern and business needs, the company of Aike odd Hamburg Market Research and analysis decision officially entered the western fast food business.

Aike Hamburg absorbed the foreign fast food brand odd advantages and experience, to Chinese local ingredients plus work, developed a series for the Chinese taste of fast food brand – fast food, at the same time, in order to widen the channels, so that the majority of the restaurant workers can get started quickly, we set the fast food franchise official website, to provide fast food related franchise Aike information, so you can easily go into a fast food hamburger odd world, the cause of their success. Welcome to join



above is the editor of a brief introduction to AIKE, odd hamburgers to of course, if you join this brand of Hamburg, interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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