What are the secrets of Liu Xiujuan’s running cigarettes

because of the fierce competition, and now the retail business is not good to do, it is the fact that many shops are indeed subject to such distress. However, does not mean that the industry is not good business shop to do, in fact, also has a very hot business shops, such as the owner of this article Liu Xiujuan shop.

show Juan cigarette and liquor vendor "is located in Tanghe County of Henan province Qi for township hospitals 100 meters, the geographical position is superior. Shop boss Liu Xiujuan has been nearly 20 years, because Liu boss in place to customers publicity in the daily operation, expert in business, and the neighbors get along, the store business is very prosperous, so the neighbors praise. So what is the secret of Liu Xiujuan’s business? Let me talk to the boss liu!

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Liu Xiujuan just opened her shop around, although there are large entertainment venues, and close to the New District, the flow of people is not very small, but Liu Xiujuan’s store has sold cigarettes tepid, with the rural local dialect that is "hungry, barely". But now Liu Xiujuan shops make people sit up and take notice, the customer is in a continuous line.

Liu Xiujuan mouth sweet like honey, "uncle, aunt, sister, brother, Hello, just come to have a drink of water!" For each customer to hear these words are pleased. "Uncle, excuse me, what do you want to buy a pack of cigarettes? You see my store’s cigarette specifications can be more, here is a low tar cigarette cigarette counters, here is the golden leaf counter, here is a cigar cigarette counter, if you can not take a moment to pay attention, I will help you recommend a. If you smoke a lot, choose low tar cigarettes! Low tar fine branch of the harm to the human body is relatively low, after pumping comfortable."

"sister, I store the milk recently milk soup pot, and the price is unchanged, the extra pot sent, the milk for your age drinking, very affordable."

aunt, this kind of washing powder these days in the promotion, can bargain, buy a bag of 110 yuan, with a small round table can be folded to send words and beautiful patterns perfect conjugal bliss, when using for dinner, buy a packet to send a bucket, hurried to the store to see! Rare opportunity ah!"

"brother, do you want to buy cigarettes! What do you think of this new kind of cigarette? The pink packaging and the price is out of the ordinary, not very expensive, is the Taishan tobacco production, there is a "sweet" smell. "Smoking in Taishan, security and peace" you often drive to run business in the outside, then remember Taishan cigarette smoke!" The customer quickly bought a 5 pack to take back pumping.

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