Five collection uneven Shandong girl is the nternet to buy money pit

years ago, we are holding a mobile phone by Alipay gathering Wufu, happily waiting for on the thirty night of the lottery, so, "Wu Fu" collection uneven how to do? Shandong sister online buy pit money. With the New Year approaching, mobile phone sets five "is also the hot moment" came back last year. As long as the use of mobile phone around Alipay scan "Fu", collected five "can Fu" after taking 200 million users and cash. One of the most difficult to raise the professional blessing, but also to a lot of crooks eyeing this hot spot.

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mentioned, now in FocA deceptive practices what? The reporter learned that part of the communication is the way of fraud: by the victim to sweep the two-dimensional code to join the WeChat group or other groups, when the victim is implanted Trojan scan two-dimensional code linked page, the suspect to steal the victim’s bank accounts, passwords and other personal information, and further implementation of the crime of fraud. Another way of fraud, is posing as an acquaintance to the victim to send text messages, send the victim claiming "Wu Fu", and attach the link, click on the link when the victim, the suspect will steal the victim’s information, so as to implement fraud.

police remind the majority of users, to participate in "Wu Fu" activities, do not add strangers as friends freely, but can not easily be Alipay code information to tell a stranger. If you do not open the safe link, should alert the police as soon as possible, and modify the phone to bind the bank card information, so as not to suffer losses.

from January 18th onwards, Alipay app network platform to pay "Ji Fu tips" activities open. The rules announced in the global 15 countries and regions, department stores, convenience stores, shopping malls and other market by scanning the entity "Fu" have the opportunity to get together, "Mrs." patriotic Fu, Fu, Fu, You Shanfu and harmony, dedication Fu 5 "FocA", in January 27th 22:18, a set of Qi people will carve up 200 million cash.

Since the

activities, whether it is on the door "blessing", or hanging the blessing of the name of the supermarket, have become the object of public to scan. As of January 22nd the press time, a total of 46206348 people gathered 5 "FocA", according to the projections of 200 million cash, every average person can share 4.3 yuan, and the number is still increasing. In this year’s rules, Alipay also said that 200 million red envelopes are randomly assigned.

rules and a "donation transfer between friends can Fuqua, good luck", which makes many scammers find an opportunity. Although the set of pages in Alipay Fu also suggested that "do not believe the sale of FocA strangers", but the reporter has learned that the country appeared because users buy Fuqua cheated.

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