Wang Xiao visited Xining Garrison

June 1st, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao and city leaders, Su Rong, visited the Xining garrison condolences and discussion exchange.

after listening to the work report, Wang Xiao pointed out that the Xining garrison is a strong command of the party, to win the war, the work style of the team, is a home, such as depending on the resident people such as parents, as the local development and stability mission team. He hoped that the Xining garrison continue to carry forward the fine tradition and style, to further strengthen the ideological and political construction, adhere to the party’s theoretical innovation, especially the important speech President Xi series of education officers and men, soldiers lay a solid ideological foundation, temper loyal to the party’s political character; party and self construction of the party’s political and organizational advantage transformation as a powerful force to promote the development of army construction.

further grasp the key work, focus on combat, building construction, emergency power construction and the reform of the military base, enhance the ability to fulfill the mission play, complete the work task. To further implement the strict requirements, conscientiously carry out the three strict three special education, strict requirements and care for the combination of condensed army strong army Xing positive energy.

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