Unemployment insurance steady employment policy will benefit all enterprises

In August 24th, Qinghai province human resources and social security department, Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "notice" on the expansion of enterprise support post steady policy implementation issues related to unemployment insurance, the "notice" provisions of the unemployment insurance fund to support post steady policy extended to the province of all eligible enterprises. Post steady subsidy execution time since September 2015 to the end of December 2020 ended.

"notice" requirements at all levels of human resources and social security departments to further improve the unemployment dynamic monitoring, will enjoy a steady job subsidies enterprises into the scope of dynamic monitoring, policy interpretation, do publicity work, urge to implement, and make the expansion of unemployment insurance work, to meet the conditions of the enterprise are able to know and enjoy the policy; encourage, support and guide the enterprises to overcome difficulties, stable jobs, timely understanding of enterprise workforce stability, to ensure maximum stability of policy to stabilize the post performance, and will aid to stabilize the post policy implement.  

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