The key issue of party work conference held in Xining

in October 31st, the province’s focus on the issue of Party newspapers and journals work conference held in Xining. Recognition of the 2013 annual meeting of Party newspapers and journals issued work advanced unit, comprehensive arrangements for the deployment of the "people’s Daily", "Qinghai daily" on the issue of Party newspapers and journals work. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister Wang Xiangming attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that the central focus of Party newspapers and journals is an important tool of public opinion guidance the Party Central Committee of the party and the work of the "Qinghai daily" and "Qinghai party life" is the focus of our province party is an important means to convey and important resources, the spirit of the central party. Focus on the issue of Party newspapers and journals, expanding the spread of power and influence, give full play to the guiding force and position of public opinion, to publicize and implement the party’s eighteen national and provincial propaganda and ideological work conference spirit, to consolidate the dominant position of Party newspapers and journals in the ideology field, guide cadres and the masses to achieve the "two one hundred year", "two new", "three" goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream and struggle, is of great significance.

the meeting stressed that the ideological work is extremely important for the work of the party’s propaganda and ideological work is to consolidate the Marx doctrine in the guiding ideology, consolidate the common ideological foundation of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups of the struggle. The two is to consolidate the Party Central Committee according to the fundamental task of developing the complexity of the current ideological and Chinese proposed, is to adhere to the China Road, carry forward the Chinese spirit, cohesion China strength, give full play to the ideological guidance, public opinion guidance, spiritual motivation and cultural support role. Party committees at all levels must be from the party and the country, the provincial government overall height, fully understand the importance of ideological work, fully understand the important position and role of Party newspapers and journals in the ideological field, focus on the issue of Party newspapers and journals work as an important political task realistically.

meeting the requirements, all localities and departments should earnestly implement the central office and the provincial Office of the "Circular" spirit, strengthen coordination and take effective measures to grasp the weak link, innovative ideas, strengthen party newspapers and journals distribution, constantly consolidate and expand the party newspaper and journals issued the coverage of the issue in order to ensure the successful completion of the task. (author: Ke Yiming)

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