Xining customs six initiatives to welcome first international tourism charter

from May 25th, Korean Airlines charter flights will fly to Xining airport, this is China summer ushered in the first foreign tourist charter flights. In order to ensure the smooth and peaceful Korean tourist charter flights into the country, show a new image of great beauty Qinghai, Xining customs from the development plan, strengthen training, civilized service, innovation and cooperation, actively preparing for the coordination of emergency treatment and other aspects, earnestly charter supervision service for customs clearance.

it is understood that in order to meet the first foreign tourist charter flights, Xining customs has set up a working group for the Xining customs supervision services, strengthen the supervision of the task; to strengthen immigration business knowledge training, focus on the improvement of various drugs, dangerous goods identification, handling ability and self-protection ability, effectively prevent all kinds of sporadic and illegal propaganda, illegal audio-visual products of entry and exit; increase the civilized law enforcement, send officers to the Lvjian line fluent oral English, eliminate service taboo, supervision according to law, civilized service; innovation of customs supervision, according to the Xining airport is the implementation of restrictions, the objective conditions of supervision two caused by the construction of local conditions, active and innovative regulatory approach to consolidate the good foundation; with the collaboration between departments and improve the inspection, to ensure smooth clearance of entry and exit ports, port health promotion Health development; emergency response drills.

according to statistics, since September 29, 2008 Xining Caojiabao Airport air port was officially opened, Xining customs has completed 4 sorties international flight supervision tasks, a total of 450 passengers into the regulation of inbound and outbound passengers.


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