Xining City Court for 18 migrant workers to recover the arrears of wages for 2 years of 130 thousand

thank you, Dean, thanks to the judges in the city, without you, we will not be able to get 2 years of unpaid sweat." The day before, when Liao Xiaobing and other 18 migrant workers in the city from the district court judge took over unpaid wages, excited, in succession to the judges expressed a sense of gratitude.

it is understood that the Sichuan born Liao Xiaobing, 18 migrant workers, in March 4, 2008 signed a labor contract with Shaanxi Hengyu building services limited liability company, agreed upon by Liao Xiaobing and other 18 people responsible for the completion of the construction of Xining Li Jinyuan, 4, 3 and 5 floor pouring concrete work, after the completion of the project, Shaanxi Hengyu building labor limited liability company to pay service liaomou as the 18 part of the costs, wages owed 137189 yuan, the plaintiff to recover, the defendant does not pay. Helpless, 18 migrant workers in Shaanxi Hengyu building services limited liability company sued the city service to the district court, after the court decision, Shaanxi Hengyu building services limited liability company service does not perform within the time stipulated in the judgment, the court presided over the mediation between the parties, the defendant still fails to fulfill the statutory obligations, the 18 plaintiffs for enforcement. City District Court Executive Board of judges to carry out various efforts, the company owed 137189 yuan deducted to the court account, and ultimately allow them to receive the arrears of up to 2 years of hard-earned money.


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