Xining police handling 80% cases of public security cases caused by drinking

The city of

occur every month more than 2900 fights, destruction of public or private property, disturb other security cases, while the vast majority of alcohol caused the police accepted the 80% Department of public security case caused by drunk drinking more, causing many criminal cases, this is the October 26th reporter learned from Xining City Public Security Bureau.

drunk trouble both sides suffer

August 2009 28 day and night, Wu and other people take a taxi driving in Lee, Wu and other 4 people have to drink wine, and so on, and so on. To the destination, the fare for 4 people and Lee dispute, in the dispute, Wu will be in the hands of the beer bottles at Lee, Lee from Moutou facial suture needle more than and 40. October 14, 2009, Qinmou drunk taxi to find a way of Nanchuan Road, carrying their cash may not be enough to pay for the taxi, and the driver, the taxi driver Xu is very fast, two people quarreled. To the destination, the money is indeed a poor Qin 2.5 yuan, Xu is not promised, Qin had to call his family sent money to the door. The family sent 100 yuan, Xu could not open, the two sides once again unpleasant, pulling, Xu Qin made a fist, the Qinmou for alarm and hospital treatment, not to present a hospital, has spent more than 5000 yuan for medical expenses.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau order brigade commander Wang Engang introduced, many security cases are due to the cool enough to cause some drunk, drunken parties to the traffic security bureau after playing cross talk big, shouting, but other two days later, all too late for regrets. The traffic police branch handled nearly one or two similar cases every night.

drunken assault police

some parties in drunkenness, when the police alarming police.

December 20, 2008 22 am, courtesy Street police station received the order to go to the Yangtze River Road, a KTV disposal of police intelligence in the case of 110. In the KTV933 rooms, Ma not only do not listen to discourage police, but the police police abuse and beatings, injuries caused by police. Eventually, the police impose administrative detention for 10 days, and impose a fine of $500 penalty. In December 27, 2008 10 Xu, in mutual alley, a strict and drunk taxi drivers because the fare dispute and tussle, comity Street police station rushed to the scene investigation, a strict do not listen to discourage police also police beatings, injuries caused by police. Finally, the police impose an administrative detention for 5 days punishment.

crazy drunk violated

is not a minority of criminal cases caused by alcohol.

September 26, 2009, Wei, Luo and others in the bar to drink, found that one of the guests of the table table is a friend of his own, he invited to come to his own;

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