Foster the city’s registered trademark breakthrough 700

Reporters from the city in July 22nd Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that this year the Council to implement brand strategy as a focal point for the local economy, strengthened the cultivation of trademarks, as of now our city has grown 760 registered trademarks, a formal application for 481, an increase of 68%.

it is reported that the City Administration for Industry and commerce through the efforts of the trademark cultivation work into the city’s economic and social development planning and target assessment system, in order to foster the development of registered trademarks to create a good environment. On the one hand "3· 15" theme activities into the community, enterprises, rural areas to promote the "trademark law", to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises registered trademark; on the other hand the use of a variety of media publicity channels, forming a "no brand awareness, product is not competitive" consensus for some enterprises; lack of brand awareness in the new set up, leading to their enterprise name and logo products by others as registered trademark issues, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau still provide the registration window to inform service, encourage enterprises registered in the name of the query, it is consistent with the enterprise brand trademark, registered trademark of their own as soon as possible, to achieve "products listed first, trademark, enhance brand awareness; to improve and perfect the" regional trademark, well-known trademarks, famous trademarks, well-known trademarks "The four level recognition system, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also through in-depth enterprise publicity, selection has a certain conditions, the development potential of the enterprise as the focus on the implementation of brand strategy, timely start and recommendation; in addition, the Council also to grass-roots business as the main force, within the jurisdiction of the trademark registration in accordance with the conditions of cultural tourism products agricultural and livestock products, services were completely from the census area distribution, cultivation and other aspects, and establish a comprehensive database of trademark, trademark registration regulation that set up QQ group, through a series of efforts, the city a total of 5307 registered trademarks, including 10 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks 36, 54 well-known trademarks, area 112 trademarks.


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