Kunlun jade in the Expo show the market is very promising

by the Xining city service industry to promote the development of the 2013 China · led by the International Bureau of Qinghai; Kunlun jade (jewelry) Expo, all kinds of jade jewelry from all over the country and even abroad contests, especially a superb collection of beautiful things, the public attention of the Qinghai Kunlun jade throughout the Expo show, although the price is not cheap, it attracted a lot of appreciation eye. The industry believes that Kunlun jade has a unique resource, texture advantages, market prospects are very promising.

Kunlun jade industry urgent need to regulate

in the field of the Expo three stone, a superb collection of beautiful things, and a number of jade dealer Kunming tamanyu gathered all his old baby will get to the scene for everyone to watch, thousands of people in the hall, people enjoy the streams of people busily coming and going, look, taste, praise, especially the display counter in Kunlun jade, full of appreciation jade people. With the birth of 2008 "Jinxiangyu" Olympic medals, all over the country of Kunlun jade are gradually warming, soaring between Kunlun jade reputation and market price of the night.

however, with Kunlun jade "worth" increase, both inside and outside the province excavation stampede in Kunlun Mountains area, disorderly exploitation, unlimited exploitation, the majority of excavation for the pursuit of immediate interests, the simple and crude way of blasting mining, resulting in nearly two years, jade wool fracture jade grade direct descent and other serious consequences. Some operators to slip stone, jade and jade synthetic Afghanistan posing as Kunlun jade, shoddy, fake productions, bring immeasurable loss to Kun Lunyu’s image and reputation, affect the healthy development of Kunlun jade industry.

in the Expo three Kunlun jade stone manager Liu Fenglei introduces to the reporter, at present Kunlun jade industry overall development in the primary stage, the content of science and technology, processing technology and design capabilities are lagging behind the field, lack of competitiveness, in direct selling stone and primary product stage, has not yet reflected in the value of Kunlun jade in the market. At the same time, the proportion of people engaged in the processing of jade in Kunlun is relatively small, most of them are engaged in the mining industry, the processing and marketing sectors lack of high-quality jewelry business personnel, high-level designers. He believes that although Kunlun jade resources, texture advantage, but the advantage of resources in Qinghai due to the high level of no professional processing base, but did not form a complete industrial development, Kunlun jade industry, the origin of integration to build the Kunlun jade market franchise go15.

to build Kunlun jade industry

it is understood that in recent years, Kunlun jade production has increased to 2000 tons, the raw materials market share accounted for about 60% to 70% of the white jade market, the price from 10 yuan per kilogram in 1992, soared to the current per kg million, products are not only sold in the domestic market, but also has enter the international market, Qinghai Kunlun jade annual sales of more than one hundred million yuan.

how to change the resource advantage for economic advantage, in the origin of Kunlun jade industry? Jade experts believe that, first of all, we should train high-quality product designers, process production personnel, and;

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