Dorje Geltan stressed that the study and implement the regulations of the party to strengthen the pa

8 month 3 days to 4 days, the provincial Party committee, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Dorje Geltan in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Rural Research and the anti-corruption work. In the meantime, Dorje Geltan deep into the countryside, visited the masses, grassroots party members and cadres exchange talk.

Dorje Geltan stressed that further promote clean government and anti-corruption work, both rely on the ideological education, supervision and discipline, but also rely on the system construction, should seriously study and implement a series of laws and regulations within the party since the central eighteen formulated, the formation of normal system of party party control. One should study and implement the system to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches together, a profound understanding of new ideas and new concepts of the new comprehensive requirements strictly, accurately grasp the core essence of the inner-party laws and regulations, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", enhance the implementation of the system of conscious thoughts and actions of consciousness. Two to study and implement the system and "two responsibilities" to combine the basic conduction layers, strengthen the sense of responsibility, to stimulate the spirit of play, strengthen the system of executive power, the party organizations and Party members and leading cadres to effectively assume political responsibility of managing party. Three to study and implement the system with the use of the "four form" and strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability together. To strengthen education management at the same time, in violation of Party discipline behavior, strict supervision and discipline of accountability, and accountability, a warning education piece, strengthen party members and cadres in awe of power, obeying the laws consciousness, strengthen the binding system, the formation of long-term mechanism.


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