County Housing Security and Construction Bureau to carry out the construction site canteen food safe

to further strengthen the construction site canteen food safety management, prevention and control of collective food poisoning incidents. County Housing and Construction Bureau in a timely manner to the construction, construction, supervision unit, forwarding the "notice" Committee of the Xining Municipal Food Safety Office on Further Strengthening the supervision to prevent bean poisoning 70, requires all construction units to carry out the construction of food safety self-examination and rectification work, through the spirit of the document to carry out publicity, improve food safety awareness of construction personnel the guide site canteen and staff pay attention to food safety, eliminate food safety hazards. Based on the construction unit self correction, to carry out the construction site canteen food safety special rectification work, food safety inspection of the 30 construction site canteen. From the inspection situation, the construction of the basic canteen food safety conditions, kitchen settings and health conditions in line with the requirements. But there is still some individual site canteen food safety and hygiene, ventilation problems: dining room settings, the use of bad bamboo cutting boards, panels and other phenomena do. In view of the existing problems, the inspection group made to the unit: food hygiene and safety to strengthen the management of construction site canteen, the establishment of food safety responsibility system and food safety management system, with a full-time (Part-time) professional food safety management personnel, carefully identify and rectify the existing food safety problems. At the same time, strengthen the propaganda and education of food safety knowledge, improve the construction workers’ awareness of food safety, prevent the occurrence of food poisoning incidents, to ensure the safety of food safety.


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