Chase kite drifting into a ditch of choice for tourists

3 days of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is a good time for short distance travel. Small holiday period, people have to chase kite ditch the new fashion rafting experience, have a fulfilling and memorable Festival Dragon Boat festival.

"Dragon Boat Festival holiday, ready to go to play?" Before the holiday, in the provincial capital to work on the discussion of the young lady and a small holiday travel arrangements. No, Ms. Yang said, several colleagues by common consent beside her and shouted "to chase kite ditch to play drift."

in his colleagues’s advice, June 20th, Ms. Yang and his family to chase kite ditch. Let the young lady is pleasantly surprised, chase kite ditch not only drifting can enjoy the scenery along the way, but also a healthy and strong body, one a double. Ms. Yang said that several of her colleagues saw the Western Metropolis Daily reported and after the experience, it was recommended to her to play. I did not expect to experience, only to find the happiness.According to JP Kangle

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