Central to build long term mechanism of illegal pornography

Recently, the reporter learned from the City Construction Bureau, the District adhere to the "check out, control is maintained, the demolition of the net" principle, to establish long-term mechanism of illegal pornography.

steering active working attitude. Executed in late 7 to early 7 when the working mechanism, the formation of "everyone has something, everything was" the inspection mechanism, the focus of the inspection at night carrying building materials, construction, construction of key construction built to steal illegal acts of illegally built, set 40 warning signs on the main road, building materials transport vehicle inspection point 6, set in the the main focus of the village road and at present, inspection of transport vehicles 230. At the same time, to resolve conflicts and disputes, illegal policy propaganda work, the establishment of ad hoc group of illegal pornography. Rectification action normalization. The establishment of accounting, do building registration, clean Lane build, 16 Village Lane Sidaluanjian conduct clean-up. Up to now, a total of 4 illegal demolition of village, village, Xin’an Zhuang and other construction of 57 thousand square meters. To strengthen the normalization of illegal pornography efforts deployed 40 staff, set up a special law enforcement inspection group, take the wrong time, the jurisdiction of the 16 villages were daily inspections, during weekends and holidays, the formation of all-weather uninterrupted patrol monitoring mechanism.  

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